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286 runs in 1 ball : Myth or Reality?

​Now, many of you cricket fans would have heard alot about records and tales in the sport, like Yuvraj Singh hitting 6 balls for 6 sixes, and Travis Birt scoring 20 runs from a single ball

But would you believe that once a player made 286 runs in a single delivery?

The legend says that it happend in 1865 in a match between Victoria and some scratch 11 in Western Australia.

Victorian batsman hit the ball for a six but the ball somehow got stuck to a tree that was planted outside the boundary but had its branches coming in. The ball was technically not outside the boundary but was still in midair.

Watching this both the batsman started running between the wickets, during this the bowling team made appeals to the umpires for a ‘lost ball’ case, however with the umpires eyes right on the ball they refused to the appeals.

The team frustated tried all sorts of means to bring the ball down, then later someone brought a rifle to the ground and started shooting, after missing a couple of rounds the ball finally dropped down the tree, but by then the Victorians had put up on the board  286 runs in that single ball making a world record.
Myth or Reality?

Believing this story may be difficult as no concrete evidence are documented.

To me it sounds as a myth because if i get my calculations right 286 runs on a pitch would mean around 5.8 kms of running which seems a bit on the fake story side.

Leave your suggestions down in the comment box.

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