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When bias in media has certainly become a fact, Indian Spectator is a revolution that stands resolutely against it. Holding high the baton of sanctity and objectivity in Media of India.

Indian Spectator is an independent venture for News pertaining to Politics, Policy, Governance, Sports and Technology, since September 2016. We are here to take voices and unbiased opinions of our audience and present it to shape a better, progressive & plural INDIA.

We consider the opinions of our readers that matters. With our outstanding team of journalists, writers, editors and reporters, we promise to give you an informative piece whether it is a news release, article or an opinion. We believe in bringing out the truth and reality of the matter and present it to our spectators.

IS firmly believes that news release should’t be served along with opinion, for that matter News and opinion articles are separately stacked. A journalist is always expected as per the code of the duty to bring out that perspective which respects the societal standings, judicial and constitutional obligations. In the light of these guiding principles, our articles and opinion might seem contrary but the process of being in context has always exercised.

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