Apple All Set To Launch iPhone8.

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pple the trendsetter in the world of smart phones is set to launch the all new iPhone 8 today. The new 8 will have a tons of new and amazing features such as end to end display, facial recognition, wireless charging and pressure touch technology.

The phone marks its 10 anniversary and was expected to be a big surprise for the users and fans until Apple suffered a major leak which brought out many news and features of the device.
Apple breaks the tradition launching this new device as Tim Cook plans on launching not 1 but 3 new phones iPhone8, iPhone8 plus and iPhone X.

Full specs and features of the new 8 and X

iPhone8 and 8 plus are just a slightly updated version of the current iPhone7 but the flagship model the iPhone X will bring a tons of new features to the table, with features like end to end display, wireless charging and face detection it even has a new symbol for the brand and that is a NO HOME BUTTON.

The device will be available in 3 different colors Black, Silver and Copper Gold. iPhone 8 and 8 plus are expected to cost just a bit more than the current 7 but the new X will cost around 86,000 INR.

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