Army Jawan Carries His Mothers Dead Body 70km On Foot : Read Full Story

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o matter how tough a man is when it comes to his mother even a heart of stone melts, and when the time comes when the mother has to depart from her child forever that is the time of the most pain and grief in an individuals life.

Now serving mother India is a great honor and a soldier can do anything to do so, but what you are about to read is a thing that you would not want to happen with any soldier.

Mohammad Abbas’s mother who lived in Karnah, Kashmir went to visit her son in Pathankot, all of a sudden the mother started to experience strong pain in her chest which was the result of a heart attack. The soldier had lost his mother within minutes, sad and broken Abbas remembered his mothers last wish which was to be buried in her village.

Abbas pleaded his senior officials but his requests fell onto deaf ears, due to heavy snowfall all roads were closed and the army refused to help Abbas, finally after 3 days of his mothers death he and his few family members decided to take the body to the village on foot.

Abbas and his family members faced many difficulties, but not even an altitude of 10,700ft and a 10ft wall of snow could break this soldiers love for his mother, with the help of local army units Abbas and his family were able to cover 70km in 5 days and finally rested his mothers body in peace.

Team IndianSpectator salutes Abbas for his bravery and never ending love for his mother, and also feels pain for his situation due to the carelessness of the administration. These kinds of happenings are a slap to the face of the administration at work.

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