Complaint Redressal

The Indian Spectator complies with Rule 18 of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Codes) Rules, 2021, as mandated by the Government of India on February 25, 2021.

If you have a concern or issue with something that has been published on our news website, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible. We ask that you bring any complaints to our attention within 7 days of the content being published. This allows us to quickly address any problems and ensure that our website maintains a high level of accuracy and quality.

To submit a complaint, please send an email to A member of our team will review your complaint and work to resolve the issue.

We ask that you only submit genuine complaints and understand that we may reject complaints that are not relevant to the content in question. By following this process, we can ensure that our website continues to provide reliable and accurate information to our readers.