A Differently-abled Man Beaten And Thrown Out Of A Moving Train In Chandigarh.



differently-abled man was beaten and later thrown out of a moving train by three men just because he had asked them to stop smoking cigarettes.

45 year old Upender Prasad, boarded a train from Chandigarh to Delhi as he was travelling to his hometown Faredabad.

source : http://metrovaartha.com

In the coach for the disabled he was joined by three completely fit youngsters who were in their early 20’s. As the train started to move the three men started smoking to which Mr. Prasad objected this quickly turned into an argument and soon the 3 men started man handling Mr. Prasad.

He was beaten brutally and then was thrown out of the moving train near Ambala. Mr. Prasad is currently receiving treatment at the Civil Hospital for injuries to his head, a broken shoulder and a broken leg.

Ambala cantt SHO Mr. Bachchan said that the CCTV footage of the Chandigarh railway station is being scrutinized and the accused will be soon caught.

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