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Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 LIVE: counting underway, BJP leading the early tally

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 LIVE: Lok Sabha election 2019 that were held in seven phases in 2 months, the wait across India have finally turned-up for the results day today to decide the rulling color of the nation for the 17th Loksabha.

Around 8,000 candidates’s from 543 parliamentary constituencies will be revealed today as the time progresses. Early trends suggests the key to the 17th Loksabha swinging in the favour of the BJP, though the early trends would start consolidating into a clear picture after 2:00 PM today.

This election counting it is going to be the first time when 5 VVPAT (voter verified paper audit trail) machines per Assembly constituency will be matched with EVMs to ensure fair counting process. However this is not clear whether the vvpat counting would be done through out the counting process or at the end however what that can certainly be said, the final election results may delay by a few hours.

The entire process of randomly matching the votes will eat up around four to five extra hours.

This years loksabha witnessed the maximum around 67.11 % citizens coming out to vote, the highest ever turnout figures in the history of parliamentary elections.

Fastest election results, vote count and stories around the result while the results settling the clear tone for the next Loksabha. Stick to Indian Spectator.

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