After Three Consecutive Flops, Akshay Kumar Said – I Admit My Fault


Bollywood is currently undergoing a metamorphosis, all precedents which were set earlier, seem to be breaking as the biggest multi-crore titles of this year fell flat in the box office. The Bollywood star with whom the boycott force or shall I say the reformist forces of Bollywood have an almost love-hate relationship. Akshay Kumar’s last 3 films have neither been commercially successful nor have they received good reviews from film critics.

Bollywood superstars who have delivered many commercial and critical successes like Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar are unable to understand what the audience really wants from them.

Akshay kumar and cast at cuttputli trailer launch
Akshay Kumar and cast at Cuttputli trailer launch.

Several film experts and critics had indicated that Indian audiences may be experiencing a change in behavior as the lockdown lengthens and it seems to be working. Barring notable South Indian titles like RRR, Pushpa and KGF 2, no film has pulled the audience back to watch the movie halls every weekend or at least every other weekend. The change in behavior is reflected in the box office collections.

At an event last Saturday, Akshay Kumar was asked by a journalist in Mumbai at the trailer launch event of his upcoming crime-thriller film Cuttputli. Responding to this, he said, “The films are not doing well, it is our fault, my fault. I have to change, understand what the audience wants, and no one else can be blamed except me.”

When asked why he doesn’t take up more OTT projects as opposed to traditional cinema films like Creating Safe Zone. Akshay replied, he said, “OTT is not a safe zone. On OTT audience also has to say whether they like it or not. There is no safety net on OTT, people are watching, media is watching it, critics Looking at it.” , so there’s nothing like building a safe haven, you have to work hard,”

India today’s reported, Akshay’s Rakshabandhan has done business of only 38 crores till the 9th day, while the budget of film making is around 70 crores. With this, the film has become the biggest flop amoung Akshay’s last three films.

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