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Cannes Film Festival: An Eye On Its Historical Journey

Cannes film festival history

The International media is at buzz with the Bollywood actresses’s glamorous appearance at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival 2019. Amidst to that the millennials are still unaware of why the Cannes is given with so much importance. We did some research, compiled the strory to tell you what exactly is Cannes festival.

When did Cannes Festival first started ?

The seeds of Cannes sowed back in 1939, at the time when Venice film festival was at its peak of glamorous fascination. The french government then decided to organize its own festival as well as abandon the participation in Venice film festival. Although an attempt of a new film festival dedicated to french cinema was made in 1932 to compete with Venice film festival, by Jean Jay (french minister of national education), an international cinematographic festival.

In the chronological order:

    • The invasion on Poland from Germany (The world war ll crisis) postponed the Cannes for the new era of civilization.
    • Cannes film festival was then founded on 20th, Sep 1946, named as International film festival Until 2002.
    • Twenty-one countries presented their films at first International film festival at former casino of Cannes in french.
    • In 1947 Sixteen countries participated, though in 1948 and 1950 the festival was not held because of the budgetary constraints.
    • After that the decades to decades the never ending astonishing Glittering festival go on till today, with its unique themes and fashion.

Tourism and media

1950s-1960s the era that attracted tourism and huge participation, high profile personalities, celebrities from cross different film industries and entertainment gossip brought media close and became an integral part of the celebration.

1970s-1980s more countries were invited
and started involving ; China, Philippines, Cuba, Australia, India, New Zealand, Argentine.

1987 red carpet shows, 90s programmes, cultural events broadcasting and 2000s has started with focusing on technology and documentaries across the world. The festival which was went through phase of budgetary crisis now become the global prestigious festival.

Famous personalities joins the event and participates in the various programmes and award winning ceremony along with the astonishing new technology and tribute to the former Members and their contributions.

An Outline Of Programmes At Cannes :

TheOfficialSelection (Mainevent)

  • In competition events (continuous)
  • Uncertain regards
  • Out of Competition
  • Special Screening

Cine Foundation

(short films from short to medium length from film school all over the world are presented in cine foundation)

  • Cannes classics

Parallel Section

  • International critics week
  • Directors fortnight
  • ACID (association for independent cinema and its distribution).

• Marchè du film
• Master classes
• Exhibitions
• Tributes
• Producers networks

(Input to the story by Maighna Panwar)

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