Well-known TV actress Nishi Singh passes away, known for playing Hitler Didi


Nishi Singh, a well-known TV star, died on Sunday, two days after her 50th birthday. Sanjay Singh Bhadli, Singh’s spouse, reportedly stated that she has been facing a protracted illness.

She stopped eating solids a few days ago and she was taking only liquids diet. She passed away around 3 pm today.

She is survived by her husband, writer and actor Sanjay Singh Bhadli and her two children.

Nishi Singh talking on a phone


For her part as Hitler Didi in Qubool Hai, Nishi is most recognised. She also appeared in other serials, including Ishqbaaz and Tenali Rama. Her spouse claims that she experienced a stroke on February 3, precisely one year after her first stroke.

The third stroke happened in May 2022. since her health began to deteriorate. According to Bhadli, her wife stopped eating solid food and was only able to survive on liquids diet. 

He continued, saying that her daughter also stopped going to school and didn’t take her board examinations so she could help me care for Nishi, but we were unable to make her well again. 

Bhadli to the media, he had sold his house and vehicle to pay his wife’s medical bills. Additionally, he received financial support from some of his business acquaintances. Actress Surbhi Chandna and some other people of the industry helped her financially.

Speaking of his wife, he mentioned that she turned 50 on September 16 and that we had promised to treat her to her favourite dessert, besan ka laddoo.

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