Four Outfit Combination Every Guy Must Have


 1. Jeans and a v-neck shirt


Denim jeans and a full sleeve shirt combo is every man/boys partner in crime for the daily outdoors, but to make things more cool men should give more preference to wearing v-necks simply because they’re awesome. Throw in some accessories such as a wristband a cool watch and a pair of high ankle shoes and you are good to go. Make sure that you make good use of colours not everyone out there watching you is a big black and white fan.

2. Collared shirt and trousers


Many of the men/boys do not like to dress formally as it is usually plain and boring, but a stylish shirt with some cool design and a pair of trousers is exactly what you need. Roll up the sleeves of your shirt to get that ready to roll look, a watch and a pair of sunglasses can do wonders.

3. Coat or a Cardigan


Formal dressing has its own style but if you really want them girls to notice you have to move up to the next level, adding an outer layer of dressing to your outfit such as a coat or a cardigan can make all the difference in the world. A white or any light coloured shirt, a matching pair of pants, a coat and your dashing looks are all you need to shine.

4. Polo t-shirts and shorts


Nothing in this world can beat the chilled out look of this lethal combination. A stylish printed pair of shorts and a plain polo t-shirt is the ultimate level of swag when it comes to summer casuals. A hat and pair of sunglasses will do very well with this combination.