Find Out How A 33-Year-Old Flipped $200 Into $1 Million In Just 92 Days.

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ave you ever wondered what it takes to be a millionaire? well we all have wished for cars, luxury and all the other things money can buy, but then soon realizing the time and efforts one has to put to reach that status.


-Warren Buffet, CEO Berkshire Hathaway

Becoming a millionaire is a tough task and cannot be rushed and achieved overnight however it can be achieved over 90 nights, as this was the case with a 33 year old man named Trevor Chapman.

Thirteen years ago a broke college student by the name Trevor took a job of selling pest control by going door to door, this raised him some cash by which he opened his own solar panel installation company which turned out to be a big hit for Trevor.

After working really hard for 2 years Trevor realized that all his time that was being given to his work could be utilized in something else, something that could make him happy as he was always under stress due to work.

This being the reason Trevor invested 200$ (INR 12,764) to launch an online store that offers goods straight from China such as Charcoal toothpaste, fidget spinners, outdoor gear etc.

The change was clear one bold step of his made him work for only 1-2 hrs a week compared to his 12 hrs grind back when he was running his solar panel chain. It was not only the time he saved but the money he generated too, from the launch it only took 92 days for to hit a million dollars in sales nearly (INR 6,38,22,500).

Trevor was convinced that an e-commerce website was the perfect answer to anyone who was looking to make a big fortune over a small period of time. He was later offered 3 Million dollars for which he turned down.

Mr. Chapman reportedly said “My family and I are taking 3 months on the road”.

Today tips in 350,000$ monthly in sales and has completed 2 million dollars in sales in just 6 months.

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