Gurugram Terror : After Being Raped, 19 Year Old Girl Took A Metro With Her Dead Child In Her Arms.

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mong the many who use the Metro as a commute, was the 19 year old girl carrying her eight month old daughters dead body.

The Story:

In Gurgaon now known as Gurugram a 19 old girl left her house with her 8 month old baby girl as she was previously involved in a fight with her neighbors.

She did not want to spend the night at her home alone as her husband was away for work, she locked her house and headed for her in-laws.

As she walked down the NH 8 the girl took a lift from a truck driver, noticing that the man was heavily drunk she got off  minutes later. She approached a shared auto rickshaw that was heading towards her destination. The passenger seats were occupied by two men along with the rickshaw’ driver.
She took the rickshaw and everything seemed normal, just when the driver took a sharp u turn minutes before Kherki Daula toll plaza down the highway.

The driver headed to IMT Sector 8 meanwhile the two men at the back started sexually assaulting her. Her baby started to cry making the accused vulnerable so they stopped at a dark place.

The girl was then brutally raped in turns as one of the men held the baby putting his hand on the infants mouth to stop it from crying each time. As time passed the men started to leave while doing so one of them threw the baby out of the rickshaw onto the road.
The 19 year old girl quickly picked up the motionless body of her infant and headed to a hospital, the baby was pronounced dead by a doctor in Gurgaon. In complete shock and disbelief she took a metro to Delhi with her dead child in her arms were it was confirmed that the 8 month old baby was dead.

The girl was so concerned for her baby that she did not even tell her family about what had happened to her until later. The brave girl then returned from Delhi and this time went to a Police station to file a case.

She later on said “I became numb from that point. All I remember is my child’s head hitting the road divider”.

The police have now released sketches of the accused and are still in pursuit.

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Team Indian Spectator requests you to kindly spread this news and these sketches and help bring justice to the family of the victim.

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