Friday, November 22, 2019
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Salman Khan suffering from the “Suicidal Disease” : Read full article

R ecently Salman Khan launched his first song 'Radio' for his upcoming movie 'Tubelight' in Dubai, later on during a press conference he revealed to his fans...

Here is What You Don’t Know About Dengue

Dengue is a type of fever caused by a family of viruses that are transmitted and spread by mosquitoes. It is a mosquito-borne tropical or...

Pneumonia, It Kills About 1.6 Million Children In India Every Year

Pneumonia it is a severe disease in today's India. In India there is more than 10 million cases were found per year.the lung affecting...

How To Build Big Muscles Without Going To The Gym

M any people believe the fact that hitting a gym is essential for building muscle and keeping yourself fit, but not everything out there is...

Zika Virus: Alarming Situations For India, 13 Indian Found Infected

 “According to our mission in Singapore, 13 Indian nationals have tested positive for Zika in Singapore,” Vikas Swarup, spokesman for India’s external affairs ministry,...


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