6 Golden Tips to Stay Consistent with your Yoga Practice


Let us all accept it first, we all have adopted yoga at some point in our life, made many promises to ourselves to keep it and yes we all failed to do it, please be honest. At times we tend to believe the best solution to stress at our workplace or may be at our homes is to start practicing yoga. This is true but to reach the level where you start showing impact of yoga in daily life, one must be consistent with his or her yoga practice and not overdo yoga for rapid gains. Yoga is not like gymming where heavier you go more muscle mass you build works.

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Yoga and meditation can really step up your game if you dedicate at least 30 minutes of your day whole-heartedly to the practice of Yoga. Yoga is an ancient Hindu cultural practice that finds mention in ancient texts, the earlierst of all is the Rigveda.

Yoga adds a level of flexibility to the body of the performers and makes the internal and external parts of the body work healthier and swifter. It is almost like lubricating a machine so that it operates smoothly with minimum wear and tear.

If you stick to these golden tips while doing yoga, you will get to see the change. 

1) DON’t expect Magical changes in yourself:

Don’t expect magic from day one. Yoga takes time to mature within each practitioner, the more concentration and commitment you show, the faster you will reap the benefits. You should not tell yourself that you will do 1 hour of yoga every day. Instead, do it for 10 minutes, ask yourself if you feel good and want to move as far as you can. If you’re starting with meditation, start with 5 minute long sessions and later upgrade.

2) Wholeheartedness:

Yoga originated from spiritual activities and the root word Entheos means filled with God in Greek. Yoga is about getting in touch with the innermost feelings and believing in one true power. Yoga is essentially de cluttering your inner-self which gets filled with so much chaos and nonsense as you navigate through a hectic week. When you practice, think positively and believe that you want to practice in the moment.

3) Yoga is a game of consistency, keep hopes high

If one day the practice is not good and there is an injury, then the next day should not leave yoga. Just keep in mind that gathering courage and getting up on your mat every day is an exercise in itself. Before you start practicing yoga to fight try to get into a routine life. Don’t resolve to achieve unrealistic goals and then feel sad for not achieving them. Start small and then keep increasing your workload as you become more comfortable with the art.

4) Free up some space:

Most of the time you find yourself in search of a suitable place to practice yoga. Make sure you should do this before hand. Make some space near a wall so that you can turn upside down, lay down a mat, and then you can walk in peace. Staying in this position should make you happy and it should be your escape from the outer materialistic world. Make this place feel like home. Added tip would be to fill your surroundings with small plant pots, aromatic flowers will be even better.

5) Take help of online resources:

Yogi Madhav, a qualified Yoga instructor in India
Yogi Madhav, a qualified Yoga instructor in India

Often yoga practitioners have a very strange way of thinking with yoga. Yoga is not a magical power, which if not done properly can have opposite effects. You can try learning new yoga postures and steps from your yoga teacher or online resources. The idea with yoga is to maximize movement without putting extra strain on the body and you can experiment with whatever suits you.

If vertical posture is too difficult for you due to arthritis or a medical condition. Stop doing that asana and do not put pressure on the painful part.

6) Yoga is not a treatment, it is a supplement:

Always talk to your yoga instructor about any diseases, allergies or medical conditions you have. Many asanas or postures are strictly prohibited for people suffering from heart disease and some asanas have permissible time limits, as long as a person with a medical condition can do yoga safely.

Often you can find conflicting articles with the compatibility of your medical condition with yoga, in which case you may quit practicing. So have faith in a qualified yoga instructor and trust them with their advice.

These are some of the best practices that you should keep in mind while embarking on your yoga journey. Keep the tips on point so that you stay focused and motivated in life.

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