RightWing Hindu Mahasabha Unveils “God”se Statue And a Book In UttarPradesh

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Hindu Mahasabha
Source : India.com


2nd October, marked as National holiday, Bapu’s Birthday, Dry Day and Birth anniversary of Shashtri ji but yesterday rightwing Hindu Mahasabha completely changed its meaning by unveiling a book and Godse’s statue back to back in Meerut on this Sunday. They also marked Gandhi Jayanti as Dhikkar Diwas meaning the Day of Curse.

Statue measures 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. The statue was made in Jaipur & cost’s nearly Rs 45,000 Indian Rupees.

The matter was in light when Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi Blamed RSS for the murder of Gandhi but as of now issue is Supreme Court.

Due to the ideological differences with Sangh Parivar, Nathuram left Sangh in the 1940s and started his own organisation, but he never resigned from RSS nor was he expelled, Satyaki said. “He was a staunch follower of Veer Savarkar’s ideology of Hindutva and when (Keshav) Hedgewar was the RSS supremo, the organisation followed Savarkar’s ideology.” he said.

A few notable tweets related with the matter :-

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