Huawei Honor 6X : How well it stands against Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

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Huawei and Xiaomi are the two major Chinese smartphone manufacturers evolving as a powerful label in Indian Smartphone Industry (sadly import based industry). Both Xiaomi and honor enjoys nearly equal market share in India. The two most center staged smartphones of 2017 are the Xiaomi Redmi note 4 and Huawei Honor 6X. That’s why we put them head to head against each other to find the best out of these two.

Honor 6X
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Specs Comparison

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Head to Head Face-off

A quick and crisp comparison :-

1. The build quality of both the phone is good. The in-hand feel is almost comparative, but it’s slightly better on Xiaomi Redmi note 4, due to its curved design integration from the previous model Redmi Note 3.

2. They have almost same features, but the Redmi Note 4 has IR blaster, which is not present in Huawei Honor 6X. So buyers if you are considering to use your phone for controlling any of your home appliances via a phone instead of remote, consider Note 4.

3. They have 1080 P i.e FULL HD screen quality, but If you are more into movies and videos all the time, consider Honor 6X as it feels much better, Note 4 has also good screen but inside, by side comparison, the Honor 6X wins.

4. One Con both the device have is, you simply don’t know what kind of glass protection you get in these devices.

5. Cellular call quality was good on both the devices. Both the devices have nice cellular connectivity, and both support VoLTE out of the box.

6. Speakers on these devices are pretty good. Both the devices have single or mono speakers at the bottom, and both are pretty good and loud, but if we have to pick one the speaker on the Redmi note 4 was louder.

7. Now coming to the audio output via a headphone or microphone, both were good but Note 4 was slightly better, the amplification was good and base and depth were better in Redmi Note 4.


8. Now coming to the camera, here things change completely, the Honor 6X has the dual rear camera, whereas the Redmi Note 4 has a single camera at the back. The Honor 6X has definitely a better camera in comparison. In outdoors both are almost similar but indoor the Honor 6X performs better.
Even the front facing Camera of Honor 6X is better than Redmi Note 4, the camera is always where Redmi note series fails (generally).
Also, the recorded videos are better by Honour 6X, as the sound recorded by Redmi Note 4 is tiny.

9. Now coming to GAMING, the Redmi Note 4 completely steel’s the show, the Honor 6X also played a lot of games, but when playing really heavy games it lags sometimes, particularly with Asphalt 8.

10. Now coming to the fingerprint sensor, both have fingerprint sensor at the back, but it was a bit faster on Honor 6X.

11. The battery on both the device is good, it will last you more than a day on moderate usage.

12. Now coming to screen on-time, the Honor 6X gives you around 6 – 6.5 hours of screen on time, whereas the Redmi note 4 gives you around 8 – 9.5 screen on time.

13. One thing we will all hate is both simply do not support FAST CHARGING.

IS VERDICT:- Both the smartphones are more or less similar to last years Redmi note3 and if we put note 4 against note 3 there is hardly 2-3 specs upgrades and downgrade (as the processor on note 3 sd650 was much more powerful that sd625) and a minor design change. Overall both are promising devices (atleast on specs sheet) and offer a decent experience.

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