Is it true? Cristiano Ronaldo likely to visit India.

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 he U-17 world cup 2017 is to be held in India, the event is scheduled from 6 to 28 october. The AIFF (All India Football Fredration) is doing all that they can to make the world cup a great event.

With the huge amount of support and passion for football in India the AIFF has decided to bring in football legends from different countries. Among them is the world famous Real Madrid and Portugal legend Cristiano Ronaldo, all efforts are being made to bring in Ronaldo for the U-17 draw that are to be held on july 7 in Mumbai.

AIFF says that they are in contact with the  Portugal Football Fredration and Ronaldos agent, as to settel on the date 7 july.

Ronaldo is right now in between of a tight schedule as his club plays Juventus on june 4 for the UEFA Champions League title, he then moves to Russia on june 7 for the Confederation Cup 2017 which ends on july 2.
Watch Cristiano going live to celebrate 100 million followers on instagram.

The biggest clue for this story being true is that recently Cristiano celebrated 100 million instagram followers by going live, where while reading an indian fans comment he said “India is a place I want to go soon”, keeping this in mind it is very much possible that Cristiano will be coming to India.

Cristiano’s visit to India would be a great moment both for his fans and all the U-17 teams and players.

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