ISRO creates history by launching 104 satellites in one go. 

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nother day of pride for India in terms of space technology as ISRO launches 104 satellites in one go. Today at 9:30 AM ISRO launched 104 satellites enclosed in the PSLV C37 from Shriharikota Andhra Pradesh.

104 satellites
The massive PSLV C37 (Polar satellite launch vehicle) weighed in at 320 tonne & contained 104 satellites which included 101 foreign satellites and 3 indian satellites.

What was the importance of this launch?

With massive projects like these ISRO is gaining recognition in leading global space agencies. On the other hand 88 of these satellites will mainly be used in mapping the earth in high resolution, which will be of great use.

To which countries do the satellites belong?

The main contributor in the 104 satellites is the USA, and other nano satellites belong to countries like Israel, UAE, Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Switzerland. The biggest satellite is the 650 kg Cartosat 2 which is a remote sensing satellite and IA and IB two nano satellites weighing 15 kg each.

104 satellites

The PSLV traveled at speeds of upto 27,000 kmph to escape earths gravity and put all the satellites in orbit. ISRO has now surpassed NASA’s record of putting 37 satellites into orbit in 2014 and now is worlds first space agency to put in orbit the highest number of satellites in one go.

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