JioFi 6 JMR815 4G Router: Review, Unlock, Box Contents – Price 999INR

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jiofi 6

It is quite some time since JIO launched Jiofi 6th generation for 999 Indian Rupees. The concept of compact and lightweight router is nothing new but Reliance Jio should be credited to make portable routers extremely common and cheap in India. Jiofi 6 was initially launched as a Flipkart-Walmart exclusive but later in a month started selling on other shopping sites. Jiofi is available in 6 distinct models but still Jiofi 2 M2S has the highest sale figures even today after 2.5 years since being launched. All the jio wifi devices are sold for triple nine on online websites but the box price is 2499 INR, so it won’t be strange if you find these selling for a higher price.

Lets dive down a bit into the Jiofi 6 review:-

Box Content : 

  • Alt3800 powered JioFi 6 Wireless Hotspot
  • Standard USB charger with a rating of 1Amp and 5v along with a MUSB cable
  • Massive 3000mAh battery highest capacity ever came with a jio wifi
  • Documents: warranty information, how to setup guide. Thankfully this does’t come with useless jio stickers.

Dimension And Design :

It has a circular design with huge and not so elegantly placed Jio logo, on the upper side. it measures 74 x 74  x 20 mm and weighs not more than 95 grams. In comparison, this jiofi is the heaviest and largest in size.

JMR815Build quality sits similar with jio fi 3-5 but definitely inferior in comparison with 1 and 2. It has a donut inspired design with rough/matte plastic at top and bottom with a reflective ring sandwiched between 2 halves carrying a micro usb port, power and wps buttons.

On a funny note, JIO is using a cheap emotional marketing tactics, device has a sticker on the bottom that mentions “designed in India”, however the product is entirely manufactured and imported form China.

Jio had omitted wifi disk (microsd) functions on the jiofi 5 which was a bad move thankfully JF6 comes with a microsd card slot with a bumped up max capacity to 64gb. 3000mAh battery is one of the biggest selling point for jiofi 6 since on paper backup is 8-10hrs and the device actually lasts that long. In comparison with Airtel hotspot which comes for the exact same price but the battery is significantly less (1800mAh) and lasts for just 4 hours.

Jiofi 6 unlockJioFi 6 Unlock, Can we use other sim cards?

For now there’s no way to unlock jiofi 6 JMR815 that’s primarily because it has no general firmware as seen in airtel’s hotspot with huawei firmware. Also jiofi does’t come with any app integration. Till the time some developer create a new firmware for Jiofi 6 it is hard to say that it could be unlocked ever. If unlocking is the priority we would suggest to purchase Airtel hotspot.

Technical Aspects:

Jiofi 6 JMR815 comes with the latest Altair 3800 wifi chip which supports CAT-4 high-speed access, Altair is the electronics giant sony’s subsidiary company. 3800 is known for less power consumption, less heat more efficient, it supports all 3 network bands namely the 2.54GHz, 5GHz and 40GHz band. Most budget smartphones support only 2.5 and 5GHz network bands. Device has 128MB RAM and 256MB ROM.

Jiofi 6 JMR815 Network Speed

Following are the screen grabs from and speedtest by Ookla.

jiofi 6 speed

Jiofi 6 speed

JioFi 6 JMR815 is an excellent portable connectivity solution with a massive battery and good connectivity. So if you’re willing to stretch your smartphones battery life with a smart little router. We think JioFi is that best product you should purchase.

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