6 Killer Fashion Tips For Men This Winter


6 killer fashion tips for men this winter

Their is always something different about fashion for winters, as you step outside you get to see people dressed in abnormal sized clothing and irrelevant color combinations.

But you can stand out in this crowd by following some easy tips and ways to make yourself look different, now different doesn’t mean that you have to be freezing out there, follow these killer fashion tips to stay warm and look great.

1. Layer it up

Layering in winters fashion

Adding layers to your outfit not only keeps you warm but also gives definition to your dressing, you can play with layers of clothes and try out new combinations such as a jacket over a hoodie or may be an overcoat.

Layering your outfit also helps maintain body temperature.

Generally layering is done is 3 parts

  • 1st layer: including vests, tank tops, t shirts, or a plane shirt.
  • 2nd layer: this can be made of sweatshirts, cardigans, hoodies etc.
  • 3rd layer: now this is the last layer and holds the key to your appearance, it includes jackets, overcoats, bomber jackets etc.

2. Alternate the middle layer

Layering in winter fashion

Now a problem that most of us face in winters is that we do not have enough to wear, now for this you do not have to spend a fortune on more clothes. Simply try switching the middle layer i.e. the cardigan and sweatshirt etc to bring out a whole new look. Try new combinations.

3. Pick your fit

Importance of fitting winter fashion

Now in winters people are fully packed and wrapped in abnormally large clothing, “i dont understand why”. Always remember while shopping to buy what fits you correctly. No one likes a man wrapped around in someone else clothes.

But be smart while purchasing the outermost layer of your clothing, as you would require room for the other clothes to fit in.

4. Accessorize

accessorize winter fashion

yes that’s right, wearing the right accessories can make you look more appealing. I recommend the following.

  • Hats/Caps.

Protect your head from the cold but why not do it while looking amazing a right choice of hat or cap can very much enhance your look.

  • Scarves.

Now this is an essential scarves not only protect your neck but also add up as a visual aid and break up the flow of you outfit, to enhance it visually.

  • Gloves.

Now these can be very helpful in the winter, but by wearing gloves your outfit looks complete and sharp.

5. Boot up

Shoes are to me the most important factor in dressing, they give you a completely different attitude. Boots are ideal for winters as they are made of hard material they not only protect your ankle and feet but also give a dashing look.


Last but not the least stay confident only you define yourself not your dressing.

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