Nidhi Razdan got scammed, Phished for a Job that didn’t even existed


Nidhi Razdan, a popular primetime TV anchor and former executive editor of NDTV has fallen prey to what she calls a “phishing attack”. On Friday, Nidhi revealed of this on her Twitter timeline calling the attack Sophisticated and planned. The Journalist was promised of an associate professor post in one of the top institutions of the world, The Harvard University.

Since a few months, she was appearing in many tv debates of NDTV as an associated professor of Harvard. Last year in June 2020, Nidhi left NDTV after her long stint in the organisation, where she rose to the position of Executive editor and news anchor of a popular show Left-right and centre.

nidhi razdan scammed
Nidhi Razdan appeared in several webinars as an associate professor at Harvard.

In one of her tweets, sometimes back in June last year, she had said that “after 21 years at NDTV, I am changing direction and moving on. Later this year, I start as an Associate Professor teaching journalism at the Harvard University”

Nidhi said that she did notice some anomalies and unexplained delays from the recruiter’s end but she ignored this believing that the corona and lockdown situation might have been the underlying reason for these delays.

Nidhi wrote that she has taken the legal route to fight against those responsible for scamming her.

Hours later, Joshua Benton Ex-director of Nieman Journalism Lab which is a part of Harvard, has confirmed that the university does not offer courses in journalism nor did the university have any associates professor of Journalism.

It is rather shocking that informed individuals like journalists can fail at doing necessary fact checks and background research before believing in anything that is being promised. It is worth mentioning that NDTV organisation does many fact checks and publishes reports on its website and Tv channels.

Phishing Scams are frauds that are usually performed through scammy/malicious links or it could be a false promise, usually sent via emails, Whatsapp or through any other digital medium. It is advised to do not click any links or if you have just don’t submit any information, signups or subscribe before doing enough background research about the claims that are being made on those links.

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