Popular News Channel Reporter attacked Haldiram’s Store over Urdu Print


A new controversy erupted after a video of a TV reporter thrashing a Haldiram store manager surfaced online. She was seen exchanging objectionable words with the manager for the Urdu print on the Haldiram’s packet. The woman seemed annoyed by the Urdu language print on the packet.

Later the video of reporter attacking Haldiram store went viral on social media, a TV reporter of a well-known news channel was seen questioning the Haldiram store manager about the ‘Arabic script’ on the back of the product packet.

She constantly yells at the store manager about why the information is printed in Urdu. “What are you trying to hide? Why is some information written in Urdu?” At a time when Ramzan is being celebrated in the country, the reporter alleged that it was an attempt to deceive Hindus during Navratri.

Reporter attacked Haldiram
(image: Screenshot from the viral video)

Meanwhile, the store manager is being praised for answering the reporter. In the video, she can be heard saying, “I don’t want to give you any explanation. You can do anything.

However, It is a common practice in India to have versions of the brand name in multiple languages, which in a way reflects the diversity of the language culture in India. Historically Urdu has been a part of the cultural history of the Indian subcontinent, according to historians, the language developed in the northern part of India.

Currently, Urdu is the official language in Pakistan and is spoken in both India and Pakistan. Although it is the official language of Pakistan, the most widely spoken language in Pakistan is Pakistani Punjabi. According to Wiki data, about 5% of people in India speak Urdu.

Other places where Urdu translation can be easily found are currency notes, railway station boards, etc.

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