Find Out The Scientific Reasons Behind The Hindu Rituals We Follow.


India is a land rich in its culture and tradition, many of these traditions and rituals that we perform everyday are present in ancient scriptures or Vedas.

But as curiosity kicks in the only question that arises is Why do we follow these traditions and rituals?

Every single ritual that we perform has its own significance on our body, mind, and spirit. But sometimes people performing these ritual can become a bit sceptical and the answer to that is by having the knowledge of what the particular ritual works for.

Top 5 Scientific reasons of the rituals we perform.

     1. Namaskar / Namaste

It is the most common gesture people make while they greet each other. Joining both palms and the finger shows respect to the other person.
But this is not the only reason, due to the joining of the palms and finger tips a pressure point is activated that affects the eyes and ears helping us to remember the other person for a longer time.

It is also preferred over a hand shake as it much hygienic and does not allow the transfer of germs.

2. Ear Piercing

Now Ear piercing is of great significance in hinduism what it really does is it builds strenght, intellect and tolerence power.
It is also believed that too much talking drains out energy from the body so it also acts as a speech restraint.

Ear piercing also prevents ear ailments and reduces the chance of Hernia in males.

3. Applying Tika on forehead

Now many of you must have resisted applying tika but after reading this you sure will.
The pitutart gland/Master gland is located right between the eye brows and is considered as an energy source, it is also responsible for various hormone regulations in the body, the Tika when applied on that spot helps retain energy by preventing its loss.

The Adnya Chakra is also activated by Tika helping you stay calm.

4. Offering water to the Sun

In Hinduism it is said that the Sun (Surya Deva) is the only form of god that is visible to us. And is responsible for maintaining life on earth.
It is an old ritual to offer water to the rising sun the reason being that rays from the sun refracts through the water particles and shower us with different spectrums of light, this in turn increases our eye sight, digestion and immunity.

It also helps to maintain a routine where you can get up early in the morning.

5. Use of Sindoor by Married women.

Married Indian women apply Sindoor on their foreheads to symbolise their married status, Sindoor contains Mercury which has properties like controlling blood pressure and sex drive. This being the reason why Sindoor is prohibited for widows.

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