Sculptor Sunil Deore refuted the reports, said – no change was made in the national emblem


The Narendra Modi government received a lot backlash after Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the national emblem at the top of the new Parliament building. The opposition tried to make an issue of it and accused the government of changing constitutional signs to propagate its own ideology.

Prominent sculptor Sunil Deore who has been worked on the new mould of the national emblem has come out to defend the replica.

Sculptor Sunil Deore

Opposition parties have been condemning the central government, claiming that the newly installed Ashoka emblem has a very aggresive postuting and it looks like a violent animal contrary to which the original Ashoka Stambh had calming posture.

Responding to the allegations in a recent interview with a leading news channel, Deore claimed that the government has not played any role in the amendment of the statue. “The newly unveiled emblem is a replica of its original structure set up at Sarnath. Before starting his project, the original sculpture was thoroughly examined and analyzed”, he said.

Earlier Cabinet minister Hardeep Puri came out to defend the government amid the all negative comment it has been recieving. Hardeep said in a tweet, the national emblem in question has not been modified, however it has been resized and adjusted in way suitable to be mounted over a building. “One needs to appreciate the effect of angle, height and scale while comparing the two structures. If one looks at the emblem of Sarnath So someone discussed below would seem calm or angry.

Defending the allegation of “change” in the expression of the lions in the symbol, Deore said the slight difference in expressions came due to different angle from which the shots were taken.

Talking about the project, he further said, ‘I did not get the contract directly from the government. I was given the contract by Tata Project Limited.”

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