End Of A Political Mirage: Kejriwal, A Disappointment.


On 5th of April, 2011
Anna Hazare goes on a hunger strike against deeply rooted corruption in the system. The movement receives great public support. He and his 24 member India Against Corruption (IAC) core committee including Arvind Kejriwal comes into national prominence.

26th November, 2012
Arvind Kejriwal, one of the members of the IAC core committee decides to walk the political path. Banking on the massive public support the IAC received, he forms the Aam Aadmi Party(AAP)along with some co members of the IAC.

28th December, 2013
Arvind Kejriwal shows his worth as his AAP gets 28 seats in the Delhi assembly elections. The outcome was commendable given his political inexperience.

7th February, 2015
Arvind Kejriwal does the unprecedented. AAP manages to get 67 out of 70 seats in the Delhi assembly polls. He came to be seen as a force to reckon with.

Politics in India has been famous for all the wrong reasons. There happens to be a rooted belief that elections are contested not for serving people but for leeching power, influence and money.

The elections are won not on the real issues affecting people. The entire system, on the same plate, was deeply engrossed in corruption. People were aware, frustrated and desperate for change.

In the turmoil India was caught in, Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP appeared as a breeze of fresh air.

He was voted for, despite his political inexperience, despite the fear of anarchy. [bctt tweet=”Kejriwal’s political mirage didn’t last long and the downfall has started showing.” username=””] The drubbing in the recently held Rajouri garden by polls and MCD polls has brought it to surface. The reasons for downfall are very evident. From the party of people, AAP turned into a syndicate run by Arvind Kejriwal and a few others surrounding him.

As I said before, the AAP was voted despite its political inexperience. Their stand on Anti corruption was their trump card. Not only the AAP government failed to curb corruption in the system, it couldn’t prevent its own members from the lust of it. Top ministers and people close to them (including relatives of the CM) got involved in scams.

Ideologically the party suffered major blows as many of its founding members decided to part ways. Senior leaders Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav, the strategists of the party and Shazia Ilmi, its face on TV left the party. Many MLAs of the Delhi assembly and MPs from Punjab have expressed their discontent with the party leadership. A major crowd puller Kumar Vishwas seems to have lost rapport with the CM and most recently Kapil Mishra, a minister, was evicted as he alleged corruption charges on the leadership. They have all blamed it on the ego of Kejriwal and the directionless leadership of AAP. The party lost its assets and its force.

Corruption was a major factor but the party also resorted to other sentiments for winning elections like appeasement policies and freebies rendering them no different from the mainstream politics which they have always criticized.
Criticizing Modi has become a style for Kejriwal. He has played the blame game to the extent that it is dearly irritating. He won’t stop even if it meant taking an anti national stand.

Arvind Kejriwal made it appear as AAP has no real issue to raise and targeting Modi was its sole purpose.

Kejriwal is not a mass leader. His face is not effective for winning elections. He has to work on issues and he has to deliver. Continuing the way it’s going will only bring the end of road for him, sooner or later. Anger against Kejriwal is born out of disappointment, he was trusted but he failed.

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Sharma Akash
Sharma Akash
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