Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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India Pakistan Border To Be Sealed By 2018.

A fter repeated ceasefire violation by Pakistan today the Union home minister of India Rajnath Singh said that the government is going to seal the...
Rahul and Sonia Together

Why Gandhi Parivar is Obsessed with Blood ?

Rahul Gandhi is busy in a month long program in UttarPradesh to restore political glory for Congress(form his perspective) or Bjp, well that's a question for...
Hindu Mahasabha

RightWing Hindu Mahasabha Unveils “God”se Statue And a Book In UttarPradesh

  2nd October, marked as National holiday, Bapu's Birthday, Dry Day and Birth anniversary of Shashtri ji but yesterday rightwing Hindu Mahasabha completely changed its...
modi suit

World Records By Narendra Modi Every Indian Must Know

S hri Narendra Modi, From small village of Vadnagar in Gujarat to the Prime Minister of India. When he was a child, nobody expected him to rise...

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