Rahul Gandhi is like a keen student without the necessary aptitude, said Barack Obama


Rahul gandhi aptitude

“Rahul Gandhi has no qualifications, no patience,” wrote Barack Obama in his new book. Former United States President Barack Obama has made political remarks in his book “A Promised Land.”

Obama highlights in the book the characteristic features of leaders from the United States and several other countries. Among them are Rahul Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

According to a report in the New York Times, Barack Obama, while highlighting Rahul Gandhi’s character traits, said, “He is like a student. He tries his best to impress the people standing in front of him. But he has less patience to overcome the problem.” He also mentioned that Rahul Gandhi’s aptitude was low.

Barack Obama has spent eight years in the White House. He wrote in detail about that period, the situation, the moment of overcoming the problem. It is said that Barack Obama wrote his autobiography during his presidency.

Regarding Rahul Gandhi, he clarified, “He behaves like a student. He has no flaws in his studies. He is engrossed in trying to win the heart of the teacher. But he lacks expertise. He does not have that level of ability. He cannot reach the goal due to a lack of patience. In some cases, Rahul is easily nervous.” Obama recorded this idea about Rahul after visiting India in 2016 and had a meeting with Rahul Gandhi.

Obama has also written about former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. “Manmohan has honesty and devotion,” he wrote.

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