NDTV’s Bandbaajaa.com Collaborates with Merry Kaufer for Wedding Stylists

A fashion designer is taking pictures with a digital tablet of a customer who is fitting on a new dress in the show room. Her colleague is helping out. Candid shot.

 New Delhi, Sep 18, 2017: Your special day is not a distant dream anymore and is coming true with each passing day. You have a never ending to-do list in hand which starts from the shopping of wedding attires, to selecting the best makeup artist in town. Not to forget the baffling task of staying updated with fashion trends not just to glam up yourself but your family members and guests too.

Gone are those days when the bride, groom and their family members had to worry about their different wedding looks, because now wedding shopping and styling is being taken care by the Stylists of Merry Kaufer. Merry Kaufer puts an end to your worry of going through 100s of stores and 1000s of outfits selecting designs and colors wondering if it would actually look good on you or not. A trusted and an on board stylists of NDTV’s ‘BandBaajaa.com’, has helped hundreds of couples and their family members in last 1 year with wedding clothing, accessories, footwear and jewellery shopping.

On the big fat wedding, Vaibhav Agarwal, Co-founder & VP Strategy, Merry Kaufer, says “Couples leave behind the tensions and hassles on us as we understand the emotions behind the outfit and the meaning of this day in their life. Our designer collaborations have been very trust worthy and supportive. Couples come back to us even after weddings to style their wardrobes as they now understand that they can save time and are in safe hands.”

The company has collaboration with more than 100 designer and non-designer stores from all parts of Delhi NCR to get exclusive discounts and find perfect outfits. These designers have been personally handpicked by Stylists of Merry Kaufer. During the process, the team understands the specific family requirement and perform a complete research to shortlist stores and outfits that you would just suit the need, to try and buy. With help in shopping for the right stuff (from outfits, accessories, footwear, jewellery to everything) keeping preferences, personality and body type in account, the collaboration aims to set benchmark for the Indian Wedding. Exploit the knowledge and resources of the Styling crew appointed for you and feel more confident than ever.

Mohit Malik, Sales Head, NDTV Bandbaajaa.com says “It is a special and a personalized service that puts an end to all the fashion woes of the bride and groom and their families. It makes our task easier in planning and satisfying our clients in all aspects of a wedding. We have received great feedback from the families and thrilled to have chosen Merry Kaufer as our trusted vendor for styling and shopping services. It has even given us an edge over other players in the wedding planning industry”.

So, what are you waiting for? This wedding get styled from stylist trusted by NDTV Bandbaajaa.com and get exclusive discounts at various fashion designers and jewellers across Delhi NCR. Give your style request at www.merrykaufer.com

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