Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Indian Spectator (IndianSpectatorDotCom). Your visit to our website is very much appreciated and we very much respect about your privacy, Indian Spectator has a very simple and straightforward yet clear approach towards user privacy and anonymity .

What does this policy cover?

This privacy policy is in regard to the use of your personal information which is gathered by us during your visit to our web site. This helps us in understanding website traffic, number of returning and new readers.

Why do we need you personal information?

The very first reason is to tell you who we are and what we do. Furthermore your personal information helps us to share new information, updates and news with you. Through this we also stay connected to you to answer any of your queries.

Personal Information

The only piece of information that you need to give is your name and your email or mailing address. The rest of information collected by us involves your browser name, your network service provider and the date and time of your visits all these are kept confidential.

Links to other sites

Our website has links to other website(s) on the internet which have their own privacy policy. We hold no authority over any other sites privacy policy so any information you give to them is governed by their own privacy policy. We would advise you to read their privacy policy prior of giving any information. However apart from ads and third party properties we never redirect users to any malicious websites.

Changes to privacy policy

In case of expansion of services and in general has all rights to amend, modify or change their privacy policy at any time without giving a notice prior to the change. It is advised to the visitors to carefully read the privacy policy and terms of use. If any major changes made to the privacy clauses of this site we will notify via an email (Subscribers) and a notification element on every page and news release on this site for first 15 days.