Robird: Flappy Bird Like Drone Used To Keep Airports Safe

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Remember that plane landed in the Hudson river, making its pilot a hero and also creating a story for a movie. Well if you remember that then its very much obvious that you also remember why the plane had to land in the river, yes it was due to some birds that got shredded in the engines of the jet nearly destroying both of them.

Now the solution to this problem had to be figured out, so a company named ClearFlight came out with a brilliant product called Robird.

Now Robird is a drone, yes it is a eagle shaped drone that is used to hover around the airspace of the airport to keep birds out of air routes, experts tell us that birds are highly territorial and tend to avoid places with threats like an eagle.

The remote controlled bird is to us a very smart solution to keep airplanes safe from birds during takeoffs, but to others it would be is a scarecrow in the sky.

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