Finally! SRK and Salman together in a movie.

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mong the many controversial happenings in bollywood the Salman & Shah Rukh controversy was the biggest professional rivalry in the past.

However now from their recent patch up everything looks to be going good for both the Khans, including movies and their personal relation. 


Now seeing both these superstars in one movie would be a bollywood fans dream, however Salman and SRK have not been spotted in one movie together since a decade.

Last time the two of them were together in a movie the year was 2007 and the movie was Om Shanti Om, were Salman did a short guest apperance in the title song.

Now after 10 years they are being said to be on the same set for a movie, the rumors are that SRK is to do a cameo in the Salman Khan starrer ‘Tube light’.

Directed by Kabir khan Tube light is assumed to become a full fledged blockbuster hit in the coming years, now this statement is strongly supported by the fact that whenever these two giants have been on a single set history has been created, with movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Karan Arjun & Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega.
Lets hope this movie comes out as good as expected and turns out to be a real crowd pleaser.

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