NASA to partner with industries to develop flight technology to reduce carbon emissions


NASA announced Wednesday that the agency is looking for partners to develop the technologies needed to create a new generation of low-emission, single-island airliners that passengers will see at airports in the 2030s. Was.

Through its new announcement of the partnership proposal, NASA wants to reward one or more for designing, constructing, testing and flying a large-scale demonstrator with related technologies in addition to an improved airframe configuration. The agency’s Sustainable Flight Demonstrator (SFD) project aims to reduce carbon emissions from aircraft and help U.S. aircraft move into high-demand areas of design. To help move forward. Is helped. To ensure competition – single isle commercial aircraft.

NASA is targeting technology for single-island aircraft – the workhorse of many airline fleets – accounting for about half of global aircraft emissions.

“Since its inception, NASA has worked with industry to develop and apply innovative aeronautical technology and share it with the world,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. “Now, with this ambitious new project, we are joining American industry to usher in a new era of sophisticated reform that will make the global aviation industry cleaner, quieter and more sustainable.”

The company invents for the benefit of humanity and any new aircraft and technology developed through this project will help the United States achieve net-zero carbon emissions from aircraft by 2050 – one of the White House’s U.S. Aviation Climate Action Plan environmental goals.

NASA plans to complete testing of the project by the end of 2020 to validate any new green technology and to inform industry decisions about the next generation of single-island aircraft to enter the market by 2030.

“Over the coming years, global air mobility will continue to grow at a steady pace, and single-island aircraft will continue to carry the lion’s share of that passenger traffic,” said Bob Pierce, NASA’s associate administrator for the Department of Aeronautics Research. “Working with industry, NASA seeks to seize this opportunity to meet our aggressive environmental goals and encourage continued global leadership in the U.S. aviation industry.”

NASA expects to select at least one industry partner in early 2023 for a space act agreement funded with the agency’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California. Such an agreement would provide funding and access to NASA’s facilities and expertise. The agreement will leverage the knowledge and experience of the private industry, create an award-winning technical plan for an award winner, and contribute significant funding to the project.

For such an agreement, NASA will not buy an aircraft or any other hardware for its mission – the goal is to mature new and innovative technology and capabilities. Industry partners will design, build, test and fly large-scale exhibitors and obtain NASA ground and flight data that agencies and industry teams can use to verify airframe configuration and related technologies.

The flight project is an activity under NASA’s Integrated Aviation Systems program, and Sustainable Flight is a key component of the national partnership, focusing on the development of new sustainable commercial transport vehicle technology.

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