Worlds First Head Transplant Surgery To Be Performed In December 2017.


When it comes to the world of medical science there are a lot of things to astonish you the most common of them being transplants and genetic hybrids.

But now an Italian neurosurgeon claims to transplant ones head to a completely different body….creepy right?

The man behind this idea is Sergio Canavero an Italian neurosurgeon who aspires to give a whole new life to people suffering nerve damage and immobility, other scientist and doctors claim Sergio’s plans to be demonic and think of him as Dr. Frankenstein as this experiment could go bizarrely wrong.

And yes they are right there are many things that can go wrong in this surgery such as brain tissue damage and the last being death. Sergio however plans on conducting this surgery in December 2017 and believe it or not he has a volunteer as well.

Meet Valery Spiridonov from Russia, he suffers a rare condition called Werding Hoffmann Disease.
Spiridonov lives his life on a wheel chair as he suffers broken nerves and tissue in the spinal cluster which enable one to stand and walk, basically leaving his body down from his neck useless. This idea can truly make Spiridonov’s life HEAVEN or as Sergio likes to call it HEad Anastomosis VENture.


The Procedure.

Sergio and his team would first have to arrange a donor who should be a brain dead young male. Once ready the team will make deep cuts in both the bodies exposing the carotid arteries, vertebral arteries, Jugular vein and the spinal cord.

The second step would be to make a clean cut in both the necks to cut off the heads simultaneously using transparent diamond blade worth 1,30,00,000 INR. The head of Spiridonov would be cooled to 10°c to slow down cell death. After this the team would have one hour to join the nerves, veins and the most important the spinal cord.

The spine would be repaired by using Polyethylene glycol as it promotes regrowth in the spine cells. After this all the muscles and food pipe and air pipe will be connected together all thisto be done in time.

Spiridonov would be kept in an induced coma for about 4 weeks to avoid any ruptures in the stitches and newly formed joints, he would also be given immuno suppressant medication very much like any other transplant.

This breakthrough experiment would very much be the next big thing in medical science.

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