Follow These 5 Steps To Ensure A Thicker & bigger Beard.



hen it comes to having perfect beard many men do not qualify as it is a big challenge of its own. We don’t promise a lot but here are few simple steps by which you can have a perfect and thick beard.


Letting your beard grow is the easiest of all but its not easy to manage the heavy beard and in some cases men also encounter patches. The main goal in thos step is to ensure not to cut your beard till 4 weeks, this makes the patches a bit lighter and also brings out the potential of your beard. Be patient as it wont grow overnight.


Now you must be thinking what does exercise have to do with a perfect beard well actually it does.When your body is involved in exercises there is a rise in your blood testosterone level the hormone which is responsible for all the manly characters including facial hair.

Exercise also helps to maintain a good blood supply to the hair follicles through which the hair gains all the nutrients.


Our hair is mainly made up of protien so to ensure the good quality of our hair we need to ensure quality of our diet, eating foods containing high protien content such as nuts, milk products etc help in proper growth of hair. Certain oils can also be applied externally to ensure proper amount of nutrients and protiens keep reaching the roots of the hair.


A proper good night sleep ensures the reproduction of the testosterone, an average adult male should get about 8 hrs of sleep in a day, a recent study shows that a 5 hr sleep can make the testosterone level in blood fall down by 50%.


DO NOT STRESS YOURSELF by this you increase the level of cortisol in your blood and other stress hormones that play a bad effect om the hormonal balance resulting in slow hair growth, it also decreases blood testosterone level