Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 likely to be Made in India


The month of August has brought some good news for Apple smartphone lovers, according to some reports, it is being told that for the first time the latest version of the iPhone will be completely made in India. But, before you think that the price is going to come down, here is a spoiler, this news does not mean that the smartphone will be sold at an affordable price in the Indian market.

Apple will be manufacturing the iPhone 14 entirely in India for the first time. The company moved most of its manufacturing from China to India in a phased manner, with the first few old iPhone models being manufactured in India, but this is the first time that the top-end versions of the devices will also be manufactured in India.

iPhone 14 all variants to be exclusively Made In India

iphone 14 made in india

As of now, the company only manufactures the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE in India for its contractors, which include Foxconn and Wistron.

Now as far as reduction in prices is concerned, consumers may find the prices a hair thinner as compared to the international prices but still there will not be a huge difference.

The price of the upcoming iPhone 14 is going to be higher than that of the iPhone 13, the version 13 is still expensive as per the Indian consumers. The company is unlikely to keep the price of the iPhone 14 lower than its current iPhone 13 model.

As per internet leaks, Apple is likely to unveil its iPhone 14 at an event in the upcoming month of September. Apple supplier Foxconn will manufacture all four iPhone models for the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, in India.

Earlier the Apple’s supply chain was shaken due to the ongoing pandemic in China and the rest of the world and the controversies surrounding it. Apple then began moving its manufacturing out of China to reduce its dependence.

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