FlytBases Indian Drone Autonomy Program pledges INR 1 million credit to each participant on 75th Independence Day


On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence, FlytBase, a venture drone autonomy platform company, is pleased to announce the launch of the Indian Drone Autonomy Program (IDAP) exclusively for the Indian drone ecosystem. The program aims to help drone businesses rapidly scale up their drone operations by leveraging FlytBase’s globally proven software platform. This pay-it-forward initiative by FlytBase is in line with the Government of India’s goal of making India a global drone hub by 2030.

FlytBases Indian Drone Autonomy Program

Why India? Why now?

The Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, announced liberal drone regulations in August 2021 to promote and facilitate the use of drones in the country. Since then, there has been a significant increase in the use of drones for various applications such as medical delivery, surveillance, mining operations, precision agriculture and urban planning. The government has further relaxed norms to encourage adoption through programs such as Drone Shakti and Kisan Drone.

As the Civil Aviation Minister of India, Jyotiraditya Scindia said at the launch of NITI Aayog and Anubhav Studio, “We are actively working towards making drone services easily accessible. India will soon witness a plethora of industries adopting drone innovation. This will eventually lead to a revolution that will touch the lives of every citizen, thereby realizing the PM’s goal of Atmabir Bharat.

What is IDAP?

To meet the growing demand for drone-based operations across industries and accelerate adoption, the Indian Drone Autonomy Program (IDAP) will provide a credit of Rs 1 million to selected Indian drone companies to assist them in the transition from manual to autonomous drone operations .

The drone industry in India is still in its early days. Most organizations are still using hobbyist or prosumer grade software products to operate and manage their drone operations. This makes it difficult for them to scale their operations, as those software solutions are unable to effectively manage a fleet of hybrid drones and/or docking stations, and the various critical enterprises required for safe and reliable operations at scale. Huh. Doesn’t provide -grade features. To address these challenges, FlytBase offers its intuitive cloud-based software products, FlightNow and FlightZip.

FlyNow enables users to set up a Remote Drone Operations Center (RDOC) to fly VLOS or BVLOS missions for a wide range of applications. Drone operators can combine their hybrid drone fleets and docking stations to easily conduct repeatable, predetermined and autonomous drone operations.

FlightZip on the other hand, lets users manage and monitor their on-demand drone deliveries from end to end, with dedicated dashboards for operators, receivers and dispatchers.

FlytNow and FlytZip are currently used by some of the world’s largest drone operators in 170+ countries, and have received BVLOS approval for fully automated operations in multiple regions. FlytBase will share its learnings and best practices with selected participants as part of IDAP to help them deploy automated systems to enhance their operations.

Who is eligible to apply?
To qualify for IDAP, the following criteria must be met:
1. The organization must be a private company incorporated in India.
2. The company’s primary business model should be to provide drone based
3. The company must not be an existing FlytBase customer.
Any company that provides drone services, such as assisting enterprises in setting up remote drone command centers, building drone docking stations, offering drone-based
Delivery services are a great fit for this program.

To apply for IDAP and claim INR 1 million in credits, please visit Flytbase.

With IDAP, FlytBase looks forward to partnering with India’s leading drone solution providers and working closely with them towards the shared goal of making India a Global Drone Hub by 2030.

“With access to FlytBase’s robust and reliable software platforms, drone startups will be
able to focus on building specialised products and services on top, instead of
reinventing the wheel or spending time on using ad-hoc tools for managing their
remote/automated drone operations” says Nitin Gupta, CEO and Founder of FlytBase.

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