PhonePe’s Indus App store Takes on Tech Giants Google and Apple in Epic App Store Battle


In a groundbreaking move that could reshape the mobile app distribution landscape, PhonePe, the fintech powerhouse under Walmart’s umbrella, is gearing up to launch its very own app store, aptly named the Indus App Store. The official announcement of this game-changing venture is expected to make waves this Saturday, September 23, in what is becoming a major industry revelation.

Phonepe indus app store logo

This bold initiative comes on the heels of PhonePe’s strategic acquisition of IndusOS, a company with a strong foundation backed by Samsung. However, what truly sets this launch apart is its audacious mission: to challenge the dominance of tech giants like Google and Apple in the fiercely competitive arena of app distribution.

Zero Fee Platform for All

The buzz surrounding the Indus App Store revolves around a bold promise that benefits both app creators and enthusiasts alike – a remarkable zero-percent fee on in-app purchases. That’s right, a flat zero percent fee, in stark contrast to the hefty 15-30% charges levied by Silicon Valley titans.

But there’s more to the Indus App Store than just fee relief. It aims to be a linguistic melting pot, with support for apps in an impressive array of 12 Indian languages, alongside the ubiquitous English. This inclusivity extends to media and videos, fostering a more diverse and vibrant app ecosystem.

For developers, prepare for a red-carpet experience you’ve longed for. The Indus App Store isn’t merely about fair fees; it’s about fostering a developer-friendly and transparent ecosystem. Real-time tracking for app installations and removals will be available, alongside the introduction of a “transparent rating system.” These innovations are poised to level the playing field and empower the creative minds behind the apps we cherish.

User-Centric Features Galore

The user-facing side of the Indus App Store is a treasure trove of features designed with user satisfaction in mind. Whether you’re seeking top-notch apps, the latest games, or cutting-edge news apps, the dedicated sections have you covered. And here’s where it gets even more thrilling: Short video carousels, reminiscent of Instagram Stories, will revolutionize app discovery with engaging, bite-sized content.

PhonePe’s Ambitious Growth Journey

PhonePe’s ambition knows no bounds. Last year, it ventured into various domains, including digital commerce, Account Aggregator (AA) services, online payment gateways, stock broking, and point-of-sale devices, diversifying its portfolio with remarkable agility.

Simultaneously, PhonePe is ramping up its financial services, encompassing insurance, mutual funds, and its flagship digital payment enterprise. The financial world is taking notice, with PhonePe currently in the process of securing an astounding $1 billion in funding, valuing the company at a staggering $12 billion.

Having already garnered over $850 million this year from influential investors such as Tiger Global, General Atlantic, Ribbit Capital, TVS Capital, and retail behemoth Walmart, PhonePe’s journey is an exhilarating rollercoaster ride in the fintech arena.

PhonePe’s audacious move to launch the Indus App Store promises to be a watershed moment in India’s tech landscape. As it takes on the giants, Google and Apple, it’s positioned to provide a more equitable and accessible platform for developers and users alike. This commitment to innovation and inclusivity is set to fuel India’s dynamic tech ecosystem. The official unveiling on September 23 is poised to be etched in the annals of tech history – a date when David dared to challenge Goliath in the thrilling arena of app stores.

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