10 Major Comparison Of Military Strength Of India and Pakistan. 


Today we are trying to compare some military strength of both countries. This comparison of India Pakistan Military strength is based on the data available.

We are believing in peace that should always is the solution of any clash how big it as no issue..

this comparison is came only through curiosity and not to show which country is stronger.

According to Global Fire Power India is currently fourth most powerful country in World based on their Military Strength & 3rd Most Powerful in Asia, besides Russia and China. On the Other hand Pakistan ranks 13th in World and 7th In Asia.

Comparison were based on various factors and across all three wing of military i.e. Air Force, Navy and Army.


1.  Strength of Military of India and Pakistan in terms of Military Budget.

India’s Military budget is 45.2 Billion US$

Rank:8th largest in the world.

Pakistan’s military budget is 6.31 Billion US$

Rank: 33 in the world

2.  Number of Troops of Military of India and Pakistan

It includes all Active Troops, Reserved Troops and paramilitary forces.

India – 4,768,407

Rank: 4th in the world and more than China and USA

Pakistan – 1,446,000

Rank :10 in the list of world.

3.  IN Number of Aircrafts

“It is a top priority to war planners in any theater.”

This includes Bomber Aircraft, Attack Aircraft and Fighter Aircraft and many other types.

India: 2086 Aircraft

Rank: 4th in the world.

Pakistan : 923 aircraft

Rank: 11th in the world.

4.  IN Number of Battle Tank

India :Total 6464 battle tank.

Rank: 4th in the world.

Pakistan : Total 2924 battle tank

Rank: 10th in the world

5. Number of Military Satellites

India owns 5 Military Satellites in space Aircraft carriers and is one of the only 18 countries with at least 1 Military Satellite.

Pakistan don’t have any Military Satellite.

6.  Number of Navy Ship

India possess is 295.

Rank:  7th in the world.

Pakistan possess is 197.

Rank: 11th in the world.

7. Number of Sub Marine Strength

India owns 13 Sub Marine

Rank: 8th highest in the world.

Pakistan owns 5 Sub Marine

Rank: 16th highest in the world.

8.  Number of Destroyers

India owns total 11 Destroyers

Rank: 6th in the list.

Pakistan 1 Destroyers

Rank: 19th in the list.

9. In terms of  Number of Nuclear Sub Marine:

India has 2 Nuclear sub marine and is one of the only 6 countries who owns a nuclear sub marine.

Pakistan don’t have any nuclear sub marine.

10. Military Strength of India and Pakistan In terms of  Number of Nuclear Weapon

India and Pakistan both have 90-110 Nuclear weapon and are 6th in the world.