Top 4 Weapons India Will Have In Future By Which World Has To Fear. 


Stay low, go fast, kill first, die last


e know battlefield is a extremely fluid environment and the scenarios changes quickly in any battles. The introduction of our weapons in a open is like by the environment is deciding the fine line between victory and loss.

Today All the nations were striving harder to introducing the most lethal armed forces with their weaponry. Moreover approximately trillions of dollars is being invested or spent for developing the weaponry system to the best weaponry system which is available now.
India also spent some billions for converting  best weapons. India is in transition process for to global power from regional power. India have the interests in resource in which south Asian region which is rich increasing day by day.  India is turning out to a security partner in IOR (Indian Ocean region).

The Top 4 futuristic weapons of India  are:



INS arihant

ARIHANT  means slayer of enemies.  It is a nuclear powered-ballistic missiles submarine.. It was built under the project of Advanced Technology Vessel at the port city of vishakhpatnam . It can be armed with 12 short Range k15  missiles or four k4 ballistic missiles.Now we discuss about its features. 

  • It can carry a one tonne nuclear war head.
  • India will be able to pop up in the Arabian sea or the south China Sea And fire the ballistic missiles. towards Pakistan and China if attacked with the nuclear weapons.
  • Having 6000 tonnes surface having length 112 M.


2 . Fifth Generation Fighter AIRCRAFT (FGFA). 

5th gen indian fighter

USA develops stealth technology early in the 90’s and started fielding these modern jets to Russian territory. Russia commenced the development of a fifth generation stealth aircraft and India was roped in as a working partner. India receives 144 of these aircrafts. Now we discuss about its features:

  • Range 3500 km
  • It can reaches the height of upto  65,000 feet and cruise at speed of 2.3 Mach.
  • It was fitted with ECM Suite, Electro-optical suite and laser based  ultra violet sensors as counter measures against incoming threats.

  3.  Agni – VI Ballistic Missile

agni 6 missile

India constituted a project to develop long range delivery  weapons Agni – VI will bring the whole of China and Europe under its strike umbrella and thus greatly  increases the deterrence of India. Now it is some specification:

  • It can bring the whole of China and Europe it’s strike umbrella.
  • DRDO has confirmed the missile to have 6-8 MIRV for targeting multiple strategic targets.

4.  Dassault Rafale

dassault rafale
Source :

India opened up a deal with Russia of 8 bullion US dollar to supply the IAF with 126 multi role combat aircraft.

  • Combs radius 1900km
  • It can reach the speed upto 1.8 Mach
  • It can carry an array of missiles an mountainous to counter any air borne or ground threats.
  • It is capable of striking targets deep within enemy territory.
  • Powered by two turbo fan engines.

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