Top 5 Outstanding and Well Build Bridges in India


India has many lakes, canals, and dams, rivers so how can the bridges behind far.. In today the bridges are making their way to contain international market. Today we have in India some best infrastructures of flyover, tunnels,expressway and common bridges..

Because of These Bridges we have  the second largest wide network of road transport. Bridges plays a important role to make us the largest second wide network of road transport in the world.

Here we have some most beautiful river road bridges in India… And the best way to enjoy beauty of city is to view it from the center or middle of the river.

Some bestest bridges now we can discuss:



It carries four lanes of pedestrian pathways and roadway at each side. The bridge is over on the holistic river Ganga. It connects Patna and Hajipur situated in the north Bihar. It have length 5750 meters and it is the longest river bridge in India.


It is also called as pamban Bridge. It is the India’s first bridge. It is the second  longest sea bridge in India. It connects Rameshwaram Island to mainland of India.

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It is also called Bandra worli sea link. It is 5.6km long it is hanging on cable stayed.. Has 8 lanes which gives a huge relief for traffic in Mumbai. It is one of the longest bridges in India..


It is also known as The Howrah bridge. It is on the Hoogly river. Howrah  bridge connects the twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah. It has the 8 lanes of strand road for pedestrians and bicycles. It is maintained by Kolkata port trust. It has total length 705 metres.


It is the longest one over the brahmaputra river in assam it is a cantilever type bridge. It is the most enjoyable tourist place. Have enjoyable ride over the brahmaputra  river along the assam valley to the kaziranga national park.