The Story Of Negligence, Corruption,& Violence : Top 5 Red Light Areas In India.

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ndia is a very big country and is heavily populated, due to this differences between the poor and the rich is very big. The poor need to feed their stomach and so have indulged in various businesses, out of many one of them is prostitution.

The people involved are primarily girls from slums and poor families many of them are also victims of sex rackets and kidnapings.

Many of them suffer beatings and tortures, along with the risk of being infected by various Sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Many government agencies and NGO’s are working for giving these girls a better life.

Movies like Pakeezah, Umrao jaan, & Laga chunri me daag are a few stories that show the hard and unforgiving life of these girls.
Here are the top 5 Red light areas in India.

  • 1)  Sonagachi, Kolkata

It is Asia’s largest red light area with over 11,000 sex workers, it operates from many multi storied buildings.
The prostitues say that their customers are unforgiving and deny the usage of condoms making them prone to STD’s.

  • 2)  Kamathipura, Mumbai

The second largest red light area in India, previously called the Laal Bazaar.
According to BMC over 50,000+ sex workers used to work here. In the late 80’s gangsters like Haji Mastan & Dawood Ibrahim used to visit Kamathipura.

The people here are aware of the STD’s and therefore do not allow unsafe sex.

  • 3)  Grastin Bastion (G.B. Road), Delhi

The infamous G.B.Road is located opposite to the railways tracks in Old Delhi.
The brothels function above various shops of scrap metal, vehicle parts etc. The girls in here are mainly from Nepal and Assam which due to their fair complexion attract more customers.

The streets of the G.B. Road scream negligence and exploitation.

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