5 ways Alkaline water is Different from Reverse osmosis water.  

Story By: Tanvi N

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Reverse osmosis and alkaline water are not interchangeable. Many mistakenly believe that alkalinity is related to ionizer, which is not necessarily the case.

RO is a filtration technology that requires electricity to purify water. A motor builds hydraulic pressure.

Alkaline Water Filtration does not require Electricity. However they are costlier than traditional RO purifiers.

RO water is basically a demineralised water which is not recommended for prolonged use. Alkaline Filters add necessary minerals,

Another drawback of RO purifiers over Alkaline purifiers is RO wastes a lot of water and have poor input output factor.

Alkaline filters basically add minerals into the purified water and hence do not waster a lot of water like RO does.

RO produces slightly acidic water which isn't recommended based on body chemistry. However there no direct harm.

According to EPA, perfect water PH range falls anywhere in the range of 6.5 to 8.5.

Source: Google,  Image Source: Unsplash

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Story By: Tanvi N


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