These Searches On Google Might Land You In Trouble


A Story by Aakash Sharma

Source: Google

Never self diagnose by searching on google, most of ranking pages on medical advice are not from qualified doctors or practitioners. 

Sometimes financial advice on Google is written in such a way that it benefits a company at the cost of loss to you.

Those shopping platforms that aren't well known and require your payment details are mostly made to grab sensitive payment data.

Free Anti-viruses from less known brands. Many 'free' virus cleaners adds virus to your system and then ask you to pay to delete them. Be aware! 

Customer care numbers: Often customer care numbers of scammers are added on top ranking pages to scam customers.

Make a habit of accessing internet banking website through direct URL. A spammy advetiser link can phis your details by deceiving websites 

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A Story by Aakash Sharma


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