Ultimate Trick to Win KBC play along every single time

KBC play along Tips & Tricks which will definitely help you to win every single time.


Trick to Win KBC Play Along

One of the most popular show on Sony TV “Kaun banega crorepati” started on 28th august sponsored by Jio infocomm. This time show audience can engage with show like never before, KBC and Jio has launched a platform enabling “jio” customers to play KBC live in front of their TV sets. By answering all of questions correctly, then you can win prices worth of lacks that too sitting at comfortable couches.

How To Play and Win KBC Play Along :- 

  1. Download the latest version of JioChat app available for both android and ios platforms.
  2. Open the app and auto login with your jio number.
  3. Choose Jio KBC Play Along channel.
  4. Accept Terms & Conditions.
  5. Configure your profile name, preferred language.
  6. Now, you as audience can play KBC along with the actual contestants on the game to earn points and rewards.

So before we disclose that ultimate trick to win kbc play along and answer every question correctly. It is worth to spend a few moments taking a look at rules to make sure you never get disqualified during the course of the game.

KBC play along rules :- 

  1. KBC play along can be played on Monday to Friday from 9pm till 10:30pm.  
  2. Question asked during the show appears on the mobile screens of the player and they get 15-30 seconds to answer questions.
  3. Only locked answers are considered in the game. make sure to press “lock it down” button after every answer.
  4. There will be no lifeline available to play along players.
  5. More points on one day more will be the chances of winning.
  6. Every play along contestant will get 5GB of JIO data and 300 rupees off on ajio app on a purchase of more than 999 rupees.


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Trick to Win KBC Play Along

For getting every of choice right and winning high value prices you can use this ultimate trick to win KBC play along, but make sure the trick is against kbc play along policies although there are no algorithms to identify whether you are using this trick or not.

All that you need to win KBC play along:-

  • 2 Android smart phones one of them must have a jio sim and jio chat app on this phone the active session of the game is opened. other phone can even be a 3g or older smartphone but it must have wifi in it
  • An OTG cable is required for this trick to work. if you don’t have one, you can buy from local mobile stores. Usually these cost anywhere between 50 – 100 rupees.
  • You also need a keyboard for faster typing speed. Any keyboard like the one came with you computer will get the job done easily. If you don’t have one you can take on of your friends or neighbors.

Step 1- Create a Hotspot connection by the 4g phone on the one in which your jio play along is active. connect you other phone with it.

Step 2- Join the keyboard with your secondary phone via a OTG cable.

Step 3- Open chrome or any web browser in your phone. Load google search homepage and be ready to search question

Step 4- Now search the question when it is just asked for that you need a good typing speed. In the game Amitabh Bachhan asks a question in English as well as Hindi before giving choices. This take almost 7-8 seconds, try to search the question in that time. if question is long don’t worry as google will still find the right answer. If you have 20 seconds or more left try to search or take reference from 2 websites.

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