Biden warned Iran about its nuclear weapons ahead of Saudi visit


On Thursday, the US and Israel strengthened their alliance against Iran by flagging another security arrangement, and President Joe Biden promised to send “all” reasonable measures to prevent the Islamic Republic from acquiring nuclear weapons. Israel has said that it claims all rights to use force that it considers important and believes that Iran’s nuclear program should be completely abolished.

Biden warned Iran

As far as its nuclear program is concerned, Iran is in conflict with the US and other Western countries. It has surpassed the cutoff mark set in the 2015 peaceful settlement, which began to fall after Mr Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, abandoned it in 2018 and re-established disastrous monetary sanctions. All the United States underscores is that its obligation to never allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons is an important part of the promise and that it is prepared to use its available assets to do so. On Friday, the president will address representatives of the Palestinian Authority before making a controversial visit to Saudi Arabia.

Mr Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, which has been in the news due to the conflict with the US over common liberties, will be the main focus of his Middle Eastern visit.

The gathering between Mr Biden and the country’s ruler, crown prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, who was accused by US knowledge organisations of soliciting the killing of Saudi non-conformist columnist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey in 2018, has been called off has gone. The cases were denied by the sovereign, and Saudi examiners blamed Saudi experts for “mavericks”. Biden kept guard on his visit, saying he meant to “revive ties with Riyadh – yet not break it”.

Biden took part in a public interview after the statement, saying, “We will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.” Committed to collaborating on security projects such as laser interceptors.

Despite Iran’s confirmation that its nuclear program is calm, Israel considers it its main threat and it may be a distant possibility that Iran is still working on nuclear technology.

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