Pakistan PM Imran Khan To Stick Around Till The Very Last Ball, Vows Not To Leave


Prime Minister Imran Khan has vowed that he will not step down “no matter what” and will face a no-confidence motion filed against him in the National Assembly by a joint opposition. So the Prime Minister of Pakistan is relying on his cricketing instincts, where the match can swing until the last ball, although it seems Imran Khan is mistaking the political pitch as cricket pitch, of which he is an experienced player.

Addressing the nation on Thursday, he said, “The vote on the no-confidence motion will be held this Sunday.” He said, ‘It will be decided on the coming Sunday in which direction this country will go.

He further said, ‘I will not resign and will fight till the last ball. Terming the no-confidence motion a “foreign-backed conspiracy” to topple his government, the Prime Minister said the country will not forgive MPs who voted against him in the lower house of Parliament.

Imran Khan vows not to leave

Imran Khan has blamed his fellow members who voted against him on Sunday. He warned the MPs that future generations would never forget him if they voted against him. I will never let this conspiracy succeed. no matter what happen.

Beginning his address to the nation by thanking Almighty Allah, he said, “I am fortunate that God has given me everything – fame, wealth, everything. I don’t want anything today, he gave it to me.” Everything given, something for which I am very grateful.”

He said that Pakistan is only 5 years older than me, I am born from the first generation after pakistan attained Independence. He said that as a child, he remembers that South Korea came to Pakistan to learn how we proceeded, the Malaysian prince attended school with me and the Middle East visited our universities.

He said, “I have seen all this sinking, I have seen my country being insulted.” I have always said that I will neither bow down to anyone nor let anyone bow down and this has been my position for 25 years.

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