World Records By Narendra Modi Every Indian Must Know

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hri Narendra Modi, From small village of Vadnagar in Gujarat to the Prime Minister of India. When he was a child, nobody expected him to rise to the top of political ladder in such a stunning manner.

#1. International Yoga Day on June 21, 2015, Shri Narendra Modi created Guinness World Record for largest yoga class attended by around 35,985

#2. International Yoga Day was attended by people from 84 different countries.

#3. In 2014 , Modi Government scheme for subsidy deposited directly to the bank accounts. around 18.10 million LPG customer’s subsidy of approx Rs 253 crore has deposited in the bank accounts. With this initiative, the plan has become the world’s largest cash subsidy plan and enrolled in the Guinness Book of World Records.

#4. His suit he wore on Barack Obama’s visit to India, sold for over Rs 4.3 crore, making it the most expensive suit ever auctioned.

Tomorrow 17sep is his Happy Birthday and he is all set to celebrate his 66th birthday by setting three more world records. In the grand ceremony at Navsari in Gujarat .The state government is looking to create three more world records the eve. Which Includes:-

  • 1,000 oil lamps lit by Divyang or differently-abled persons at a time
  • 1,000 wheelchair-bound people will attend the function.
  • Distribution of hearing aids to more than 1,000 people.

Gujarat BJP wing will organise health check-ups & blood donation camps in various parts to celebrate Modi’s birthday.

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