Jio Cricket Play Along: A New Rage Among Cricket Lovers

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Jio Play AlongCricket is considered a religion in our country. During the IPL season, you can feel the josh in the eyes of Indians. IPL is celebrated like a festival, people play, predict and even own the jerseys of their favorite teams and players.

Rise of Prediction and Reward Apps

Enthusiasm and love of cricket gave birth to a number of ‘play and win’ apps which work on prediction, promises, rewards, and points. People play for these ‘fantasy leagues’ and create their own virtual teams to play for them and earn rewards. Jio Cricket Play Along is one such online cricket game app which can help people win lots of exciting prizes and rewards. We are here with some hacks and tricks that can put you up in the game and add to your chances of winning. Read on!

1. Profile Completion

Complete your profile and earn rewards. It will ask your basic information like your name, state, gender, and age. You will get an instant bonus of 50 points that can help you up your game. If you haven’t already, complete your profile now.

2. Sixes and Fours Prediction

The best time to predict the fours and sixes is during the first few overs and last few overs. It will give you a better prediction rate and offer you more chances to get it right. During this time, players are inclined towards scoring more runs that can turn out to be beneficial for you.

3. Booster Cards

Booster cards will increase the probability of your winning and gathering more points if played during first few and last few match overs.

4. 18 Ball Boost

Every 18 balls played in the match earns 30 points. With every 18th ball you play, you get a score boost of 30 points. Don’t miss out on a single question and earn more points.

5. 30 Ball Boost

After playing at least 30 balls in the match, you can get 50 points boost at the end of the match. It can be a benefit if you are playing it without a break.

6. Third Empire Question

Look out for the third empire’s turn, you can earn 50 points for attempting the question.

7. Trivia Questions

Play all trivia questions asked during Strategic Time Out to earn 60 points for three questions.

8.Hat-trick Question

Play the hat-trick question to earn 50 points.

What are other brands offering?

Swiggy is giving a 60% discount for six minutes after ever sixer whereas Zomato is making you predict the winner and then offering you a 30% cashback. Jio and Hotstar are offering ‘predict and win’ games to earn points which you can use to redeem prizes.

What can you win?

People are going gaga over JCPA due to the fact the rewards are enticing like:

● a flat in Mumbai
● a trip to Thailand
● Ixigo’s 1 Lakh voucher
● Book My Show’s 6000 rupees voucher
● match tickets
● a chance to be with the captain during the toss

These are once in a lifetime opportunity which Reliance Jio is giving away as rewards. They are not just giving away material goods but offering experiences which make the whole gameplay worthwhile. To redeem these rewards, you need to:

● collect a lot of points to unlock Newbie, Beginner, Amateur, etc badges.
● head over to the Achievement Tab to redeem offers.
● you will see various offers listed according to the number of points.
● claim the Prizes/ Coupons etc. (If available).
● go to the coupon section from My Jio app to see the coupon details.

Jio has also come up with a cricket special plan of Rs. 251 where they are giving 102 GB of data for 51 days, you’ll get 2 GB/day. You’ll be able to stream IPL matches without any worries and get additional rewards like:

1. Merchandise – Team Jersey’s, Bats and caps
2. A chance to be on the ground during Match Toss
3. Match Tickets

4. Meet & Greet Players

You can also get a selfie with your favorite players and download logos and wallpapers on your device.

To play, you need a valid Jio connection and MyJio app installed on your phone; just click on the banner saying ‘Khelo Cricket Jio Cricket’ to start playing. You can follow these tricks to get more points and get a better score to increase your chances of rewards. Happy playing!

*Article originally appeared on Indian Spectator.

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